Our Story

Every Story has a Beginning … and This Is Ours

My story begins with being on a path that led me to good people — good people who encouraged me, who supported me, who believed that in a community with long-established court reporting agencies, Royal Reporting could and would make a difference.

So I set out to make a difference, and, along the way, Royal Reporting’s story was written. Royal’s story focuses on commitment and dedication, on responsibility and responsiveness, on respect and trust, on caring and believing in the quality of our work. The characters in our story — myself, our staff, and our court reporters alike — share the same focus and the same belief that every day, because of our respect and allegiance to our clients, we can and will only do what we know to be great work.

That great work includes a Chicago-based office with Chicago-based employees. When you contact Royal Reporting, you are calling us, right here, just around the corner from you. Everything from beginning to end, from the scheduling of your matter to the delivery of your transcript, is handled by us to ensure unprecedented levels of quality control. Our services are offered at straightforward and simple rates. We don’t believe in hidden add-ons or silly upsells. We believe in fair and honest pricing.

Above all else, we do great work because we deeply value the loyalty and trust we have earned in this community. And to show our appreciation for the amazing support we’ve been given, a portion of our profits benefit wonderful local charities. Wait … it gets better! Each month, we feature and donate to one worthy cause that is chosen by you, our colleagues. As has been said, success is to make the world a better place, so why not do that together?

I invite you to learn more about me, to learn more about Royal Reporting, to learn more about who we are and what we believe in and, along the way, become a part of each other’s story.


Isabella Tenerelli, President

Unprecedented Quality

An agency owned and operated by an actual court reporter! It’s true! A court reporter who, like the rest of our team, is out in the field working alongside our colleagues on a daily basis. So everyone here, from the top down, understands the importance of your record. Every matter we schedule for you handled by the same friendly faces and familiar voices. Every transcript, every word taken down by our team is not only edited and proofread once, but it is sent through secondary proofing to ensure our clients receive the best transcript possible. We send our transcripts in whatever format works best for you and in the time frame that works for you.

Honest Prices

Our services have simple prices. The prices reflected on our rate sheets or what we quote you is what will be reflected on your invoices. We don’t believe in hidden charges, deceptive invoicing, or unfair pricing structures.